A Swedish bakery is facing a class action lawsuit over its ‘salt-free’ bread

A Swedish bakery is facing a class action lawsuit over its ‘salt-free’ bread

The Swedish company Oster Bread has filed a lawsuit against a group of customers for a “salt” product, accusing them of violating a Swedish law banning salt-free products.

The company, which makes bread, milk, butter, coffee, tea and ice cream, says the customers of its bakery in the northern city of Malmo are being sued over the “sodium” of the bread that is served at the cafe, which it says is not made with salt.

In its lawsuit, the company says it is the first bakery in Sweden to be sued for salt in a lawsuit for a class-action lawsuit.

It says the plaintiffs in the case are “claiming that Oster’s bread, which is made with the sodium in salt, is a product of the salt content of Oster, and that this constitutes a salt-based product as defined in the law.”

Oster has said it uses sodium chloride, which was banned by Sweden in 2004.

The company’s products, however, are not salt-reduced.

The lawsuit says the class action seeks damages of 100,000 kronor ($1,200) for the customers who claim the bread is a “false representation” and that they are in violation of the Swedish Consumer Protection Act.

“The law requires consumers to buy products containing salt,” Oster told The Associated Press.

“The law also requires the company to take measures to prevent salt from being used in products and to replace products containing sodium with salt.”

Ostertag said it was working on an explanation of its lawsuit and that it will send out a press release on Wednesday.

Oster, which owns bakeries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria and Finland, said in a statement it was disappointed that the case was brought against it.

The plaintiffs have complained that the bread has a sodium content of about 10 percent, while Oster has maintained that the products are “100 percent salt-neutral.”

Osters bakery was among the first to be affected by the Swedish law.

The country passed a law in 2011 banning salt in all products, except bread, butter and milk.

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