Williamson: It’s time to admit to our own faults and let go of the past

Williamson: It’s time to admit to our own faults and let go of the past

Williamsons banana bread is a recipe he developed for a banana bread sandwich he served at a dinner party with his friends.

The first time he made it, he made sure he had cinnamon, so the ingredients are ripe: cinnamon sticks, cinnamon, sugar, salt, and brown sugar.

Then he added the brown sugar to the bananas.

“I’m not sure why I went back to that, because I knew exactly what it was, and I made it right there,” he says.

“That was one of the great joys of making this sandwich, and the one I’d go back to again and again.”

The bread is simple, but the recipe has layers: cinnamon, banana, bananas, and nuts.

It also has layers of brown sugar, but he adds the chocolate chips, too, to give it a bit of a rich, chocolatey flavor.

When he made the banana bread, he used the brown bananas from the previous day and the black ones from the day before.

“If you’ve got black bananas and you put them in, you’re not going to have as much flavor,” he explains.

The banana bread has been in WilliamSONS BAKING COMPANY’S permanent stockroom since it was made in 1993.

The company opened in 2007 and, with the help of its local baker, William Smith, has been serving the sandwich in the store since the 1990s.

The sandwich’s flavors are all his own, with notes of vanilla and chocolate on the banana, brown sugar on the brown bread, and cinnamon and nutmeg on the nuts.

The bananas are a touch sweeter than in WillliamSONS, but it’s still perfectly delicious.

“It’s got that savory flavor,” William says.

He’s also proud of the fact that he has won a national baking competition for this recipe.

He points out that it’s only been served in the U.S. once, at a restaurant in the Bronx, but when he visited the restaurant recently, the staff was shocked to see the sandwich at the bar.

“When I brought it home, I asked, ‘What is this?

It’s amazing!'” he says with a laugh.

“They had no idea!”

(He also notes that the restaurant’s owner has never eaten the sandwich.)

The banana-banana sandwich has made a huge impact in the local baker’s business.

William is also proud to be a “foodie” and has been on the boards of a number of organizations, including a local food pantry, and a non-profit.

“There’s a lot of food-related work I do, but I’m also a family guy and I like to be out and about,” he said.

He plans to continue to serve this banana bread and other flavors.

“You never know what’s going to happen,” he tells me.

“Some days you’ll get lucky and it’s good, and then you’ll be lucky and you’re like, ‘I’m going to be sad!'”

The banana and banana bread recipes can be found in Willisson’s banana bread book, Banana Bread, at his website.

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