‘Banana Bread’ Coupons Get ‘Crazy’ With Coupons that are ‘Crazier Than the Weather’

‘Banana Bread’ Coupons Get ‘Crazy’ With Coupons that are ‘Crazier Than the Weather’

BANANA BREAD Coupons are not new, but some are getting a little crazy.

The WSJ reports that “the ‘Cranberry Bread’ coupon that is often advertised by Panera has a lot going for it: a coupon code that is ‘crazy’ for a product that is supposed to be good for you.’

It’s going to be so fun to get this coupon,’ said Megan Jones, 30, a nurse in Pennsylvania, who was given the $20 coupon at a Panera.”

The coupon was only available for a few weeks, but the WSJ says that it has been getting the craziest reactions on social media and in emails from people who are looking to get a deal.

The coupon is a new deal, but you might be able to get one at Panera or Walgreens.

The WSJ notes that the coupon code is not valid for items in the same price range as the Cranberry Bread coupon.

According to the WSJV, Panera’s coupon offers a free 2-for-1 meal at a “super casual restaurant” for $25 to a single customer who spends $75 or more at Paneras locations in the U.S. and Canada.

A Panera spokesperson told the WSJB that the “coupon code” is a promotional offer, not a promotion.

The spokesperson added that Panera offers “unlimited free shipping for customers who purchase over $50.”

“We are constantly working to make our food a more convenient, convenient, and memorable experience,” the spokesperson added.

“We have always made it easy to make purchases online and we have never compromised our commitment to making sure our customers are satisfied.”

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