The Atlanta Bread Box recipe, a staple for many a Southern family

The Atlanta Bread Box recipe, a staple for many a Southern family

Posted February 02, 2019 07:30:57 The classic Atlanta bread box has become a staple of Southern hospitality for generations.

But, while the recipe has survived the long march to the market, the bread itself has been in decline for the past few decades.

This week, the ABC is taking a closer look at the Atlanta Bread box and its history, its popularity and what could be its future.

Read moreThe Atlanta Breadbox recipe originated in Atlanta, Georgia, in the 1950s, but is now one of the most well-known Southern recipes in the world.

It’s a staple in Atlanta’s restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets, and is popular in Atlanta and across the United States.

In the late 1800s, a woman named Mary F. Jones began to make the box in her home in rural Georgia, selling her bread and other items on the black market.

The recipe was adapted for the city of Atlanta, where it remained until 1962.

A year later, Jones was arrested for the second time in Atlanta.

The next year, she was charged with selling the bread to a man in a black-market restaurant, who was convicted of the crime.

Jones’ lawyer appealed her conviction, but she was eventually released after serving less than six months of her prison sentence.

She was also given a one-year suspended sentence, but served it at a time when she was not serving time for other crimes.

By the early 1900s, the Atlanta breadbox had become the quintessential Southern American breakfast staple.

But the recipe is a relic of the pre-sales days of the 1950, when most Southern families would prepare a bread loaf on a flat, white board and put it in the oven.

In the 1970s, more people started to use the loaf as a meal, and a variety of bread recipes emerged, including a sweet bread, a traditional Southern breakfast and a bread with milk.

Today, the classic Atlanta Bread has become one of a handful of Southern-inspired breakfast items that has been used in all manner of Southern dishes, from sandwiches to pancakes and a fried breakfast with bacon and gravy.

Many of the recipes in this list are inspired by the Georgia-based Atlanta Bread Bread, but the recipe’s origin can be traced back to the 1880s.

The Atlanta bread is one of those dishes that’s more familiar than most Southern staples.

It is traditionally prepared with bread flour, a thick, soft dough and milk, and then topped with a mixture of butter and cheese, a sauce or two, and even a little flour.

It’s a great breakfast, especially if you have guests to join you for a lunch, and it is also a good way to warm up to the holidays.

However, while you can find many of the traditional Southern-style breakfast dishes on the shelves of grocery stores and convenience stores, most of the Atlanta versions are made from scratch.

Most of the recipe books for Atlanta Bread are from the 1960s, and many of them are not complete.

To see the complete Atlanta Bread recipe, head to the ABC website.

Find more great local stories and information in our regional hub, The ABC.

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