How to buy Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) online and on-store

People can now buy the beverage online and in stores in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, as part of a push to improve their shopping experience.

The move is a way for consumers to make sure they’re getting the most value from their online purchases.

The announcement was made today by Coca-Cola Australia, and follows the launch of its “Go On” campaign, in which customers are asked to share their shopping habits on social media using hashtags like #goon, #goof, #gos, #gold, and #gocos.

The company also said it will begin offering online-only purchases in Singapore on Friday.

For now, however, the only way to buy the popular soft drink is through its online store, and it’s not currently available on-site.

For Australians, it’s the latest way to get their hands on the soft drink while avoiding the queues at grocery stores and petrol stations.

“Australians can now get their favourite beverage online from Coca-cola, in more than 60 countries,” the company said in a statement.

The company said it has plans to expand the service to other countries. “

We look forward to welcoming more Go On customers to our Australian stores in the coming months.”

The company said it has plans to expand the service to other countries.

“The Go On program is a great way to introduce Go On to Australians and we are working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to ensure the Go On service works across all platforms, including mobile, desktop, TVs and tablets,” a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said Go On users can also buy the product on the Goon app, and if they use their phone to access the app, they will be able to purchase directly on the device.

Australia’s biggest horse breed has also welcomed the move.

The Biggies will continue to be bred under licence and will remain free of charge in Australia until 2025, and will continue their heritage through the end of 2021.

The Australian Entertainment Corporation has also promised to promote the Biggie as a valuable resource in its entertainment offerings, including a film called The Biggest Horse Breed, and a TV series.

In 2017, the Biggie Racing Club and the Australian National Museum released a film, The Biggie Story, which explored the BigGies past and present.

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