Which of these soda brands is your favorite?

Which of these soda brands is your favorite?

Here are the best soda brands to choose from.

The Best Soda Brands To Choose From This article by Independent Food Editor:The best-selling beverage brands include Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Diet Coke.

The best-sellers of soda are now available in all the top 25 US grocery stores.

The Best Soda Brand To Choose By Shopping For Soda in a Store: Coca-ColaThe most popular soda brands in the US today are Coke and PepsiCo, with more than 100 brands and 200,000 bottles in stores.

The most profitable brand of soda is Coca-cola, and it accounts for roughly two-thirds of all US sales.

The Coca-COLA brand, which is marketed to consumers who live in the Midwest, is the most popular in the country.

PepsiCoThe PepsiCo brand is the biggest in the United States, with over 300 brands and more than 10 million bottles sold in stores nationwide.

PepsonCo, which also owns the popular Pepsi brand, sells about $60 billion in annual sales, and makes up about 20 percent of PepsiCo’s revenues.

The Coca- Cola brand has been on a roll since PepsiCo bought it in 2007.

The company has had to contend with a series of scandals, including the recall of about 12 million bottles of Coca- cola containing leaded water in 2011.

PepsiCo is also the owner of Corona, Corona Light, Coca-Kool-aid, Corona, Budweiser, Monster Energy and the Coke Zero brand.

Colombia, which sells PepsiCo brands like Diet Coke and Coca- Kool-Aid, also has its own brand, Coca Cola Zero, and has also come under fire from regulators for its carbonated soft drinks.

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