When will you eat your own food?

A new Irish startup is aiming to revolutionise the way people eat food in the UK by creating a new kind of home-baked bread.

Dublin’s Spoon Bread has raised more than £20,000 from venture capital firms to create a line of home baked bread, with the aim of enabling a more sustainable future for food production.

Its bread has a distinctive flavour that is distinctive to the region and has been developed with an eye towards the future.

Dubliners like me can’t find bread in Dublin for about five years, because we are living on a shoestring budget. 

Dublin has been one of the UK’s most prolific food hubs, producing more than 1.5 million tonnes of bread a year.

But the local food industry has struggled for years, with many businesses relying on imported goods.

Dublins main bread producer, Sainsbury’s, produces about 30% of the country’s breads.

Sainsbury said it was looking to move away from its reliance on imported food and open its doors to other types of local ingredients and culture.

It said the new product could help the bread industry reach its potential.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for the local community to produce and sell a new food product that is unique to the city of Dublin,” said Peter McNamara, head of Sainsburys food and beverage division.

“We want to be the first in the world to produce something unique to this region, and we think it’s going to be a huge step forward for the industry.”

Dublin was one of eight UK cities awarded a £200,000 grant from the European Investment Bank to explore innovative food businesses.

Sonsbury’s was chosen to partner on the programme to develop the product.

The company’s CEO, Richard McNamara said the funding would allow the company to take the next step towards creating a sustainable food industry.

“Our bread has an authentic Irish flavour that has a unique, unique taste, which is something we have never seen in Ireland,” he said.

“There are a lot of food makers in the city, but they have never made bread.

It’s the first time we have been able to do something unique.”

Dubliners have been struggling with food shortages in recent years.

The average household consumes just over 10 kilograms of bread per year, according to the Food Standards Agency.

Dubbish is a staple ingredient in Irish food, but its a much less common commodity. 

It can be sourced from as far away as the south-east of the Republic, although most Irish households do not have access to it.

Dubbies bread, which comes from an artisan process, is often sold as “bread bread”, or as a “cobbler’s bread”.

It is sold in Ireland, the UK and abroad as a traditional bread, and has a rich, complex flavour.

Songs are also popular in the region, particularly in the south of the city.

Dubbers’ love of Irish music is a major source of income for the music industry, which employs thousands of people.

The food company said it is looking to tap into a niche in the food industry that will allow it to reach an international audience.

“The food industry is in a huge, huge global market.

We think we have the opportunity to reach a broader audience,” Mr McNamara added. 

Sainsburies bread will be available to consumers in the following months.

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