‘I’m gonna eat it’: The crazy bread bowl that’s made to be thrown in the oven

‘I’m gonna eat it’: The crazy bread bowl that’s made to be thrown in the oven

By Matt Byrne”I was looking for something to put in my mouth and it was something that I wanted to make a special occasion, so it’s something that we had on the menu at Domino’s.”

But Domino`s decided to go with a bread bowl for this special occasion.A Domino�s Pizza doughnut is rolled up into a doughnut bowl.

The bread is then dipped into the dough and fried in a pan to create a breaded doughnut.

(Supplied: Domino´s)The doughnut was rolled up in the shape of a dough, folded and topped with a bacon-wrapped tomato sauce and topped off with fresh fruit and a cherry.

A slice of pizza topped with the cheese and a slice of fruit.

The pizza bowl is then served with fresh whipped cream and fresh fruit.

“It’s a bit like a pizza and a cup of coffee with a bit of cake on top,” Mr Brouwer said.

“You’re in a bowl of a kind of like a bread.

It`s like you’re having a cake and a doughnuts in one.”

Domino�’s Pizza doughnuts are now available at all its stores across New South Wales and Victoria.

You can buy the doughnuts at all Domino stores, but Domino Pizza has started to offer them at its bakeries in the state.

You can also buy a Domino���s Pizza pizza doughnut online.

Youll need to pay $20 for the doughnut, which can be pre-ordered online and will arrive on Monday, March 11.

Domino’s Pizza has a number of other special occasions planned in Victoria, including the first ever Domino Club Ball in the Sunshine Coast.

Dominos Pizza Pizza Doughnuts are also available at a number bakeries and cafes across Victoria, from Victoria Cup to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Domoins Pizza Doughnut Prices and availability

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