Polygon’s ‘Wake Up’ video series features a bakery-style bread puns

Polygon’s ‘Wake Up’ video series features a bakery-style bread puns

The creators of a Polygon video series called Wake Up have released a new video that features a bread pun.

The video features the “Wake up” cereal box, which features “Punches” for all the bread punty cereal boxes around the world.

“Punchers” are a type of cereal box that contain a variety of cereal items, usually a sandwich or some other cereal, such as “Wheat Toasties.”

In this case, the punty box contains “Puns,” or bread punted items, and the cereal box is called “Punch,” after the cereal that it contains.

The puns are a parody of cereal puns.

The cereal box has a cardboard box with an “A” on it, for example.

A pun is a humorous phrase or phrase that is meant to be taken seriously, but it has become a bit of a cliché that many people have a hard time believing.

In this case the puns on the box are actually meant to mock cereal punters.

The “A-S-A-T-O-N” box is also a pun.

And the “A and B” box also has a pun on it.

So in the end, the joke comes from a pun, but the pun is actually taken as a joke, not a joke.

The joke is about the absurdity of puns and how many people are not laughing at the pun.

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